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ME Super

General Description

This manual focus camera is from similar vintage as the MX, and is also very light and small. However, it is targeted at a different group of users. It lacks the "pro" features of the MX (DOF preview, full mechanical construction, interchangeable screens, aperture indication in the viewfinder) but offers convenience. It has aperture-priority operation in addition to full manual, dedicated flash, wider range of shutter speeds, faster X-sync, etc. While it offers some mechanical speeds, it relies on batteries for showing its full potential. It is plentiful on the second-hand market, and is simple to learn and use. Finding a repair place for this body is not so difficult, and parts are relatively easy to come by.

A clean silver-black ME Super typically costs between US $85 and US $110. Fully black units cost $30-$50 more.

The "SE" in the ME Super SE body stands for "special eddition." However, the only known difference is that the focusing screen of the SE body is diagonally split, and that of the non-SE body horizontally-split.

Product Variations
Exact NameME SuperME SuperME Super SE
Years of Production1980 ~ 19861980 ~ 1986unknown
Availabilityused, several times a monthused, several times a yearused, once in several years
Catalog Number0610006110unknown
Sold with Case

Technical Specifications

Lens MountK
Mount Limitationscorrect exposure only when the lens is set to a numeric aperture
Self-Timer4 ~ 10 seconds
Cable Releasemechanical (with standard thread)
Width x Height x Depth131.5 x 83 x 49.5 mm
Weight445 g
Exposure System
Exposure ModesAv, M
Metering Modescenter-weighted
Meter MaterialGPD
Exposure Compensation (Step)+/-2 (1 EV steps)
Exposure Lockno
Meter Range1 ~ 19 EV
Manual Film ISO Speed12 ~ 1600 ASA
Constructionelectronic (vertical-run)
Shutter Speeds4 ~ 1/2000, B
Mechanical SpeedsX, B
Magnification [Coverage]0.95 x [92%]
Shutter-Speed IndicationLED
Aperture Indication
Power Source
Batteries2 x 1.5 Volt silver-oxide (A76, SR44) or alkaline (LR44)
Film Transport
Compatible with Winder(s)ME, ME II
Flash Operation
Command Protocol(s)analog
Flash AutomationS
Synchronization Speed(s)1/125 ~ 4, B
Built-In Flashno
Fitting Case(s)soft case: ME super MG