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General Description

The PENTAX ME F was the first SLR with a passive through-the-lens (TTL) auto focus system to hit the market - 4 years prior to the Minolta 7000! It had limited success, only, as there was only one AF lens available, the expemsive and bulky SMC PENTAX AF ZOOM 1:2.8 35~70mm. However, with other lenses, the ME F provides convinient electronic focus information: LED triangles in the viewfinder tell the user how to turn the focusing ring of the lens to achieve correct focus. The correct focus is confirmed by a hexagonal green LED and a beep

Product Variations
Exact NameME FME F
Years of Production1981 ~ 19891981 ~ 1989
Availabilityabout once a month, usedabout once a year, used
Catalog Numberunknown09710
Sold with Case

Technical Specifications

Lens MountKF
Mount LimitationsThe lens must be set to a numerical aperture
AF System (sensitivity)TTL-EFC (Through-The-Lens Electronic Focus Control) (4 ~ 16 EV)
AF limitationsAF possible only with the AF 35-70/2.8 lens
AF limitationsAF not possible with F and FA lenses
AF with supersonic lenses
Power-Zoom Features
Self-Timer4 ~ 10 sec
Mirror Lock-Up
Cable Releasemechanical
Infra-Red Release
Additional Features
Width x Height x Depth134.4 x 89.1 x 52 mm
Weight480 g
Exposure System
Exposure ModesAv, M
Metering Modes with K and M Lensescenter-weighted
Metering Modes with A and newer Lensescenter-weighted
Meter MaterialGPD
Exposure Compensation (Step)+/-2 (1 EV steps)
Exposure Lock
Meter Range1 ~ 19 EV
Manual ISO Range12 ~ 1600 ASA
Constructionelectronic (vertical)
Shutter Speeds4 ~ 1/2000, B
Mechanical SpeedsX, B
Magnification [Coverage]0.95x [92%]
Aperture Indication
Shutter-Speed IndicationLED
Interchangeable Screens
Power Source
Batteries4 x 1.5 Volt silver-oxide (A76, SR44) or alkaline (LR44)
Continuous Shooting
Continuous Shootingmanual wind lever
Compatible with Winder(s)ME, ME II
Flash System
Command Protocol(s)analog
Synchronization Speed(s)'1/125
Built-In Flash
Fitting Case(s)unknown